What is your astrological sign is? English

Constellations do you know, it really is a wonderful thing, do you know your constellations.
What do you think you have a constellation like you do? 😃

I like Magic xiezuo(魔蝎座)😃

of course, sagittarius.

I am TOTALLY a capricorn...here's the positive qualities astrology weekly gave (its me to a tee):

You are a tireless worker, to the point of self-martyrdom. You'll do any and all work assigned to you, so that you can impress your superiors and gradually move up the ladder. You will eventually gain more and more status and wealth, but it takes a long time. That's okay with you, though—you've always understood this.

Chances are, you come from a poor background—like the baby Jesus—and you decided early on that you would work as hard as you could to improve your standing for your family. In fact, you have an innate fear of poverty, so much so that once you've achieved a rank or two in the world you will fight to the death to keep it.

This is also in keeping with your far-thinking approach to life, as determined by the slow-moving Saturn. You plan, plan, plan. You save, save, save. One would think you a sour person for all this work, but you have your moments of joy— after all, the words saturnalia and bacchanalia apply to you, and both define wild abandon.

You probably already know a lot about sacrifice. You were the one who stayed up caring for a sick relative when you were a kid, instead of playing with your friends. You're the one who keeps the family together, in fact, when members drift off. You're the glue, the controlling force in this world. Without you, it would simply fall apart.

Similarly, you have a great sense of tradition. You respect what you've inherited, and you believe in cherishing it and handing it down in the same state or better. Be it a grandparent's locket or the oral history of the family, it's safe with you.

Like your neighboring signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius, you are proudly intellectual. But you're not as argumentative as a Sagittarius. Yours is a quieter wisdom—if you know you're right, you don't believe you have to get into an all-out war just for the show of it. The truth will win out.

For this reason, you make an excellent teacher. In fact, you see the world as very structured, and as you gain rank in the system, you believe in teaching those below you. If you are a teacher, you're probably very strict. It's not due to malevolence, just a strong sense of tradition, of wisdom, of right and wrong, of the merits of hard work.

haha you're funny to think i am already done posting:

You would think that Capricorns would be capricious. But you're not. Far from it. Oh, you have your occasional gambling binge or Saturday night bash, but for the most part you're very ordered. You live for the future, not for the moment. You're busy planning your life five, ten, twenty years from now while the Sagittarians, Leos, and Arians are living it up. That's all fine, but the problem is, you are easily depressed.

In fact, you're probably preoccupied with death. Saturn is often said to be associated with Father Time; others believe it is an evil influence (Saturn and Satan are almost interchangeable). This makes you rather morbid—your sense of humor is sarcastic and dry to the point of being, well, sick.

Capricorns are also known for bigotry. It seems your fear of poverty is so strong you'll take any tack to defend the status you've gained in life, and that includes a narrow-minded view of people of different backrounds. You're entitled to your opinions, and you have strong reasons for them, but this inflexible attitude could cause irreperable reputation damage in today's politically correct climate.

Saturn's slowness also throws delays into your life. You're used to them by now, but still, you often think you have the worst luck—another ailing relative to care for, or car to fix, or unwelcome responsibility at your job .... You'll do it, because sacrifice is your nature, and when you have time again you'll work harder just to make up for what you lost.

This pattern can easily lead to a depressed, bad-things-always-happen-to-me attitude. Don't let it. People really appreciate you—no one else could be a better friend. They also respect your ethics and status. So relax—you'll get what you want, it just takes time, and time is something you know about all too well.

hey you are a trooper if you are still reading this....thanks:
You're a lean, mean, running machine. Seriously. Capricorns are not particularly muscular, but rather lanky. The sign rules locomotion, the knees and joints, and your personality is very driven towards long distances, long time spans, and hard work. So, you're the ideal marathon runner. You also enjoy other endurance events, such as long-distance cycling, rock climbing, mountain climbing, or anything with a similarly daunting goal.

If you participate in any other sports, it's only to get better at them, or to further your career by being in the right place. Otherwise, you're not the type that will get out and enjoy recreation just for the idle fun of it.

Like the other intellectual signs, you do enjoy studying, and you especially love music. There's something in its complexity—particularly in great classical works, its degree of difficulty to master, that you appreciate.

want me to post your sign? message me and we can see how accurate it is!

capricorn too !

Magic xiezuo lol thumbup1

chinese sign?
dog 🙂

Zodiac: Aries
Chinese: Dog 🙂

Pisces 😃

Aries 😃

Aquarius 🙂

I'm a Leo! 🙂

The best sign of course.

Zodiac: Pisces
Chinese: Dog 😃

Zodiac: cancer

Chinese: monkey 😃

Zodiac: Capricorn
Chinese: Rooster


I'm fish and my chinese sign is the rat! big_smile

Scorpio 😃