How does the world see us Italians? English

Since there are different topics about that, i thought to open one about Italy, all comments are appreciated! 😃

I have seen some Italian action movies, not bad.

I heard most of Italian men love talking. is it true?

i heard italian people are racist

@woopywoo well yea, many people are racist cause in italy there are a lot of immigrants that can cause diseases sometimes... that's very sad, racism is really a bad thing. People come in italy with illegal ways, without documents, without money, without anything and they think that italy is made of gold. Italy is not gold, work is a bit hard to find. Italy is just a little cute country, full of art, history and customs. Apart from that, if foreign people respect rules, they are more than welcome!

@Radwimps Italian people in general love to talk, we are a very social folk. For Example, i usually go out with people i don't know in my group but it's not a problem, i can still have fun.

i want to study the language...i watched lega calcio

do you mean the italian soccer championship?
good luck for learning the language! 😃

Italian Football League is my favorite, I like Inter Milan

i like Juventus 😉

Thanks 🙂 Umm, It's hard 4 me to talk with people I don't know. Envious 🙂 Oh and many people in my country think Italian are short-tempered(maybe It's because Italian soccer : I like watching sports and I also saw their match, and.. 🙂 ), take great care of their clothes, and so on.

My Italian friends are amazing, very good sense of style, love culture/art/music, talkative and passionate. 🙂

Juventus! i know ,We call it the Bianconeri

@Radwimps well italians, at least in the south, are warm people, they are very friendly with foreigners and also with italian coming from another town. That is my experience and i'm not the only one thinking so. Personally i always help foreigners, twice i helped japanese. For the last thing, yes italians care very much about dresses and aspect, but hey, this is the fashion country! 😛

@Hannah-Rose i'm glad you knew good italian friends, knowing them in person you can understand how stereotypes are quite all false!

@Quiaominghua Yes bianconeri haha anyway i'm not such a great soccer follower, i don't care very much...i prefer to play it. Yea an italian can also not care about football! hehe

i am really afraid to visit italy

Upstairs a friend,why are you afraid visit Italy?

I like Italy! It's very famous for the art! And I heard of that Italian is very romantic. If I can, I want to travel or live in Italy one day.

@Remus why are you afraid? also if maybe i can guess the answer.

@Delia 🙂 good luck, living here is not easy if you don't find a good work.

Sulla mia parte, vedo gli italiani come amichevoli e romantici. Sono bel e molto buone. Pardon prego il mio italiano, io ancora stanno imparando. : -)

I love the country though. I've been there once. 🙂