German Paramedic looking for a penpal friend (USA/UK) :) English

Hey! I'm Jacqueline - a 24 year old Paramedic from Germany.

I'm looking for an English-native speaker who likes to chat about medicine, films, tv-series, the world...whatever you like - to improve my English.

I would be happy to have a (penpal-)friend in America or England.

Let me know if you feel the same 🙂

It has to be someone from those two countries? I'm chilean but I speak english fluently, I don't know much about medicine but I can talk about all the rest haha.

Maxurr, of course that's okay! 😃 I wrote you a message 😁

Hi, I'm from Poland, but I speak english fluently, so if you want we could talk. Actually I would like to study medicine in the future, so maybe you would like to tell me sth more about how does it look like in practice?