Pretty little liars English

Who sees pretty little liars?

PLL is the best !

I love PLL

Used to watch it then stopped for a while and couldn't find my progress. I liked it though

I am in the middle of Season 5 and it's really good!

I've watched all the seasons, I love this tv serie

Loved it but they should have stopped at season 5 or should have endet it with the dollhouse episode and the A reveal directly in that episode tbh

I'm almost done all the serie and I really enjoy PLL ! I think my favorite character is Spencer or Mona and you ?

I love pretty little liars but none of my friends watches the show so I don't have anybody to talk about it. Have you seen the last episode? Do you think that the A reveal was good?

like it

i finished all the seasons ...🙁

I love PLL too. I`m now in the middle of season 7.

Is it strange that I've seen a few seasons? xD