do u belive in love ? if yes why English

Yes. Cause it's wonderful thing to feel and to have. 🙂

i believe however it's very very hard to find real love

I belive in love of course. sometimes hurts like one of you said but is nice to be in love and to have someone that loves you and take care of you!

I don't think that the right question is 'Do you believe in love'.. I mean we all know that this strong, sometimes painful but fulfilling sense exists ... A matter of a fact is whether we have ever felt it. As for me, I haven't found the true love, nor have I ever experienced it but I know how strong can be the love you feel towards a member of your family so I suppose the love towards your partner in life is even stronger but in different way : ) But what do I really know about love =)

yes,because nothing is beautifil than love

I don't believe in love... I believe in friends but not in lovers...
Maybe one day I'll change my opinion (^_____^"') but now... I don't believe in it !!

no, I don't think I do..I believe it's just a fairytale, that people try to make others believe in just like in santa claus or tooth fairies..

no , lack of time..