Paper Letters ;) English

Hi! I really would like to write paper letters in English 😉 Is there anyone interested? If yes, let me know. 😃

hi I'm Suvrojit from India. Lately I'm trying to write to someone who is interested in receiving letters and write back. If you want to write to me you're welcome 🙂

hi i'm from italy and i'm really interested in this idea, if you want, write on my penpal profile, we can discuss about this 🙂

Aloha! Im writing paper letters inside my country and Im dreaming to find a "paper" friend from another country. Im from Russia. If you want to writing with me let me know it in my profile, please 🙂

And, if one Russian is not enough, let me know)

Hey! If you want to write me let me know!) I'll be glad!)

Hey ! I'm interested to 🙂
To have more details, add me on skype : jaupenpalgate !
See you soon 🙂