Searching for a true friend English

I am searching for an english-speaking friend with whom i can talk about everything,not only "hi,how are you?" 🙂

Okay I am also in the search for matches as you facebook for us to discuss more often?

Hello 🙂

Can I join in this group? I'm also searching for english speaking friends 🙂

Hi! if you want I would like to be your friend too 🙂

I would love to be friends 😃

Hi! 🙂 I can speak english and other Indian languages. I was also to make a thread about searching for a real friend after someone very close to me betrayed me and I was close to losing faith and trust. Like you too there are many friends of mine who are only interested only saying hello. But I didn't make the thread in searching of a true friends only because it seemed like posting a thread for a dating service 😛 . Anyways, if you want to talk to me you're very much welcome, spasiba! 🙂 .

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