i'm from Russia I'm looking for friend in English-speaking countries English

Hello. I'm Nickolay and I'm 18 years old. I'm looking for friend from the English-speaking countries for communication on skype - artnickolay
First I'm just looking for a friendship and communication for improving my English skills.
My interests are esoterics, psychology, theosophy, spirituality. I also have written 4 books on these themes in Russian. One of these books is esoterical poetry.
I also want to see the English-speaking country (maybe USA) next summer (for preparation for IELTS) and to make new friends because I'm planning to study on magister degree in English-speaking countries after graduating my bachelor programme in Russia.
I also can invite you Russia, Ufa if you're interested in culture of this country and town.

hi! I am from India but I speak quite good english. Also I am interested on the subjects you mentioned maybe we can speak on those too. My skype id is suvrojit2. Hoping to see you soon.