Searching a pen pal English

Hi guys,
I'm Christine and I'm from the Netherlands.
I'd like to have a friend with who I can exchange letters and presents.
It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, but you have to be a teenager 🙂
If you want, just react to this below and maybe you got a dutchie as pen pal 😉
Just let me know x

My name's Trisha and I'm from Philippines..
I'm interested in exchanging letters and gift
so if you'd like to do it with me just message me on my profile :🙂

Hi Christine! I am looking for pen pal with whom I can exchange letters. So apply to me if you want.

I am also interested in exchanging letters. Reply to me if you are interested!!! 🙂

Hello Christine! My name is Julia and I'm also looking for penfriend. 😃