Frenchie looking for someone to write English

Hi !
I'm Morgane, and I'm french.
I would like to improve my english, mostly by writing letters. To be quick, I'm looking for an english speaker pen pal 🙂
I can "teach" you French. 🙂

Don't hesitate to e-mail me or asking questions. I would be pleased to chat with you !

Bonjour mademoiselle! J'apprendre la langue français pendant 1ans. Je sais la langue anglais bien et tu m'aider en français. Hello mademoiselle! I'm learning french for 1 year & it would be helpful if you can teach me french a little better. Thanks.

I'd love to help you! i'm 16 and I'm dutch, but my english is pretty good.
I'm learning French at school, but these lessons are not really helping me, so I would like to improve my French somehow.