Snail mail English

Hello! I looking somebody for penfriend who want communicate with me by snail mail. Who is interested in this? 🙂 001_cool :huh: 😛unk

Hey hyllie! I love snail mails too, I'm interested in this, so if you want contact me by a message 😉 are you agree? I hope we can be good penfriends LOL

Snail-mail is a good way to communicate like old times. I'm quite interested in sending snail-mail.

Anyone else? :>

Hi! I'm Christine and i'm a Dutch-Romanian girl. I like to communicate by snail mail.

Im also interested in snail mailing 🙂

Oh, I interested in snail mailing too ^_^
If you want, write me on my e-mail: (email hidden)
and we will can discuss how to write each other)

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I too love snailmail🙂

hi, i am Omar, and am also interseted on snail email, this is my email: omar__(email hidden)

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