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hello! I am from Argentina and I have been studiyng English for 6 or 7 years more or less. I would like to talk in English through Skype with anybody 1eye ,

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hi!!! I am also interested in talking english with a friend & i'm very good at this language. I can talk to you on skype. my id is suvrojit2

hey! great! 🙂 I have sent you an E-mail! did you receive it?

Nope! I haven't received any email from you. but I'm looking forward to it. 🙂

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ok I will send an email again with my skype account!, let me know if you receive it! =),

my skype id is suvrojit2 & my email address is suvrojit_(email hidden)

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I already added you! 🙂

i want also improve my English! help me!)

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my skype id liulubaiyang

anyone who wants to talk?

great! morrek I will add you on skype!

Eugene my skype is pache.netbook add me! 🙂

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Hello guys!
I'd like to improve my English to. If anyone will have even one or two minutes I'll be glad to speak or chat with you by skype m.demuh.
Thank you a lot.

Good evening! I hate grammar, but I want to be translator. Who can help me with English Tenses? my e-mail - (email hidden) Thank's.

do you use skype Kizho2011?

Hello Pache!!! How are you?! My skype id is julienwinston 🙂

I can help people with english. My skype is Fleur Sipman

If anybody needs help with english, I can teach any part of that language. Feel free to contact me 🙂

I want to improve my english.Please help me,You can send me a message on my email Spring_(email hidden)