I'm looking for... English

I'm looking for an english or american penfriend! i want to improve my english but if you want, we can become friend! 001_rolleyes if you want to learn italian i'm here! 🙂

I am looking for Snail mail penpals who can write me long letters. I love to ask and be asked any questions with my penpals.
I hope to find someone who can ask me any questions and answer any questions from me.
Ages and countries don't matter for me.But only female penpals. I am Married.

If you want i'm here! 🙂

I want to practice English that's why I'm looking for an American or English penfriend. I'd be glad to learn Spanish as well practicing it with a native speaker.

I can help with english language since it is my forst language & I have success in this language.

I'd be glad to write emails with a native english speaker...if you are interested, send me a message! 🙂

Hello ! I'm looking for anyone who want to lurn French ! 🙂

I'm learning french, & I can speak a little...you can write to me!!!