For those who are learning Russian English

Hello everyone! 001_rolleyes
My name is Vika. I'm from Russia, and Russian my native language. :smile
I am studying Japanese and English.
I want to meet English speakers interested in 50/50 language exchange for Russian on Skype.
I'd like to find a pen-friend.
I'm interested in improving English. I'm happy to teach you Russian. 😃
I like English and Japanese language movies and music. :walkman
If you are interested, write me here or you can add me on skype: kitty_kat76 🙂

Good luck! big_smile clover

Hi Emily!!! I got interested in Russian music some 2-3years back but as of now I had some russian influences in my online & offline world. I am really keen on learning this language. I can speak good english since english was my 1st language & I got some good grades while I was in school. I do have skype too. Okay, I can help you in english & maybe you can teach me some russian too.... I never used Skype before, but I have it installed... Well, contact me soon. 🙂