I'm from France, and I need an English penpal to practise my english ! English

Hello people ! 🙂

My name is Emilie, and I'm french, interested by speaking english 😃 I need someone to talk to, by Skype or mail, to improve my English for my studies, which is I think, not really that good...

I can help some people to improve their French !

So, you can talk to me, it would be a pleasure to answer 🙂

Hello! That would be really nice! I need to improve my french... Send me a mail if you want to talk sometime 😃 katrijne_(email hidden)

Hello !
Thank you very much for your answer ! Here is my mail, you can write to me whenever you want 🙂

(email hidden)

Coucou mademoiselle! My name is Suvrojit from India, & I am very good at writing or speaking in English. I am also looking for a french friend since I am learning french for ~10 months now so I will be glad if you can help me out.... Do let me know...