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Spain won 🙂
They played better than germany did.
Congratulation to them 😉

Spain were the better team in the final and throughout the whole competition really. The German defence was pretty poor. But congratulations Spain.

congratulations to Spain!

Turkey played really passionate, ambitious and they didn't give up until finish but they are beaten by Germans although Turks played their best. Russia also was wonderful (especially Arshavin) but they were bad against Spain. Spain's best side is attacking. David Villa is a impressive striker and I think Puyol is best defender of the world. Germans played well until semi-final and got silver medal. Ballack and Schweinsteiger played their best at this tournament. Netherlands seemed as the best team of the tournament at start, but they lost against Russians after a hard game. ( In fact, I can say Arshavin and Pavluchenko beat Netherlands.) I think European Champion is Spain but Champions of Hearts are Turkey and Russia.

We watched exciting matches, it was a good tournament and European football discovered new stars.

I love our national team. We have young stars like Arda, Semih, Kazım, Hamit Altintop and Mehmet Aurelio. Our manager is very experienced and especially "brave". I think (or hope 🙂 ) we will do better in World Cup in 2010

Congratulations to Spain!😃

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brave heart, the Turkey National Team has this..

I like the football team "Shakhtar".....It are the best....This year it von UEFA cup)))))))))))))))))))))

viva russia et turkia .

Shakhtar could be, there is one polish player - Mariusz Lewandowski - but i still don't know why is he sitting on bench longhours ? ?