Looking for Korean/한국어 learners/natives (Beginner level) Autres langues

I'm looking for people who just started/want to start learning Korean in order to share our knowledge about the language and culture. 🙂
Maybe we could form a group on WhatsApp or just talk in private. Whatever you prefer!!
(I'm going to spend 2 months in Korea this summer and looking for people who live there or visit this place. Just write me a short message, I'd really like to get to know some people (natives or foreigners) in advance!)
Hope to hear from you soon!

annyeong haseyo yorobun 😁 , I would love to learn more korean , if you can teach or just share your knowledge in korean it's will me cool 😁 thank you

Hi! I am Korean, and I can speak Korean fluently!! If you want to learn Korean culture, you can send me a message. 잘 부탁해!