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who/which group is your favorite artist?

Mine is GD<3

GD from Bigbang??? 🙂

I like so many 😆 MBLAQ is one of my favourite.

I love FT Island ! And many other like: CN Blue, SNSD, SHINee... 🙂

I like :

-Big Bang

SHINee and Super Junior (=

- BoA
- Shinee
- Seo Taiji
- Big Bang

I like SHINee & SNSD best 🙂

Teen Top and B1A4 is good too 🙂 (and many many others)

Bi Rain! so lovely voice :3

SHINee, Super Junior and MBLAQ are my favourite band!!

& I also love CNBLUE, Big BANg and many others!

-Big Bang
-Super Junior

ehm I like Bi Rain and U-kiss..

I love so much Bigbang, SHInee and 2NE1 😃

my favorite is Dbsk
! and also Super Junior

I'm new to liking K-pop but the last artist I listened to was Kara 001_huh

Well, I like K-pop in general, but ones of my favourites are:

Big Bang

I like SHINee..It's great.

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