As described in the title, which of these two series do you prefer ?
Argue your choice to convince the others that you are right XD
And mention directly in which Team you are.

PS: The game here is to choose a Team, not to try to stand in a middle-ground 😉
PPS: This topic isn't intended to declare a war, just to debate 😉

1) LOTR has beautiful Landscapes, with great captures of it.
2) The story is more interesting, following my point of view: Real quest, Boromir's temptations, ...
3) Aragorn is really charismatic as hero.
4) Sauron beats Dark Vador as villain
5) The background universe is wider than Star Wars.
6) Elvish is more beautiful than Klingon (I'm trolling, know that Klingon is Star Treck )
7) Musics are better than those in Star Wars
😈 A cavalry charge would always be more epic than a Pew pew battle with laser guns...
9) Old Star Wars (4 - 5 - 6) are horrible ! with Cardboard decors ....
10) There are no junky actors in LOTR...