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I am searching for People who want to do a book club with me. Where we can read a books and then we talk about it later 🙂

I would like that 😃

Seems like a nice idea but I got bored while reading a books

An was für Bücher hast du denn gedacht? An und für sich klingt die Idee super!

Ooo Its sounds good

Ich dachte zum Anfang hin das jeder der in dem Club ist erstmal ein Buch vorschlägt, das wir dann lesen 🙂 und das wir danach alle gemeinsam aus suchen 🙂

That sounds like a great idea - I would be there

I see many people are interested so maybe it would be some motivation for me to join it

Very good idea! It's nice to see that many people are interested in reading books !!!

Nice idea, but I'm a very slow reader

Amazing😊 So how we want to do it ? Making a group somewhere or any other ideas? 🙂)

I'm really interested!

It is a nice idea. Reading a book is linked with Summer. I love doing it.
A book in a month, really? When I start reading one, 10 days is the limit to finish. If not, it means, I don't like this book.

Its a nice idea but difficult because then you need people who likes a little the same books and how did you think to do it? And its quite difficult maybe because in every country the book is maybe different because of the translator

Im interested. It's awesome idea!!

I want to join the club too 😁

I want to join the club too 🙂

It is lovely idea, but what book? I think it should be a english book, the classics can be find for free, because the author is more than 200 years dead, but it would˙n be easy. But the books of George Orwell, John Green, Rick Riordan, ...
or what genre would you like?