What is your favorite song? Films, music, TV

Hi! What is your favorite song or songs? Why? Do you have some memories connected to it?

f-f-f falling (The Rasmus)

heartbreak century (Sunrise Avenue)

in the shadows (The Rasmus)

so far away ( A7X )

in my life (The Rasmus)

vampire heart (H.i.m)

hail to the king ( A7X )

don't mess with me (Poets of the fall)

cradled in love (Poets of the fall)

sleep (Poets of the fall)

heal the world (Michael Jackson)

True colors (Cindy Lauper)

Try to know reason why I love those songs

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I have a lot of favorite songs

This =)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmgLOLuh6fI This is the Future by Owl City

A cultural and very powerful song in Ancient Armenian language, so even I , a native speaker, don’t understand (only a few words)
Btw, the singer is very beautiful, so it’s worth watching it 😉

I like a lot of songs, for example katty perry or maroon five

iamx-nord star. Very associated with what is happening to me now. As of recently, listen to Mechanical cabaret-illegal alien.

White rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

everything i wanted
Dark Side
Never Tear Us Apart
Got You On My Mind
(Because it makes me forget about myself)

I like many songs, 😁 I dont now wich i like best.

Nails in my feet, Crowded House, maybe somebody likes it too🙂thats my favourite

I have many favourite songs.Because I like music.I like most-"A Whole New World"