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The majority of the music I listen to is actually in languages I can't even begin to understand. Is anyone else like this? I know most people think I'm weird for it, but to me lyrics don't really matter all that much when it comes to whether I'll enjoy a song or not.

I do listen to a lot of music in english though because sometimes it's nice to understand what I'm hearing. But also, I think music in foreign languages helps a lot if you want to learn a new language.

Van Van

i do agree with u.
i like japanese music though i can't understand the lyric.
i love koda kumi~😁

music is half beat half lyrics...or maybe that isn't music.

I like to listen french and italian music, couse i like the language.. i dont understand much of it, but it sounds nice.. 🙂

I think that sometimes it's better to don't understand the song's lyrics because... usually it's nonsensical or ridiculous ... And sometimes there is a bit perverse meaning so... But it happens that sometimes there is a real meaning in the lyrics... But if you sing... I dunno... For Exemple, [Je ne veux pas travailler -Edith Piaf / Pink Martini] in France, some poeple will find this funny because the lyrics of this song are totally ... Let me translate them and... You'll understand my point of view....

Ma chambre a la forme d'une cage My Room is shaped like a cage
Le soleil passe son bras par la fenêtre the sun put his arm through the window
Les chasseurs à ma porte Hunters at my door
Comme des petits soldats Like little soldiers
Qui veulent me prendre Whom want to take me

Je ne veux pas travailler I don't want to work
Je ne veux pas déjeuner I don't want to have lunch
Je veux seulement oublier I just want to forget myself
Et puis je fume And I smoke!

No meanings, but poeple like this song because it's just popular... But if they understand the lyrics... Music is Music and poetry is poetry

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same with me..
i listen to Japanese and Korean music 😁
and i dont understand anything that they are saying😁

It's always interesting to listen musics from different country of the world, although we can't always understand lyrics... It's a good occasion to go to see lyrics, in the goal to understand more a song! But if we can't understand the lyrics in a song, their are not less important!
I like to learn some songs in others langages than english, because this allow to discover new opinions, a new way of think!

music is a common language, that's why!🙂)

I like to listen to other language too!
I love korean music . but i actually try to understand them cuz im a singer
Cann you guys suggest the french song for my singing competition
cuz i don't know any 🙁 or maybe just a list of french feamale singer ,thanks

Like music in English.....Germany....maybe in Russian//*)

i guess im like that too. recently ive been hearing CSS from brazil, they speak portuguese i think? yeah. 😃

i thought i was the only one to listen to such music 😁 even if i mostly listen to music with french and english lyrics, i like discovering new things so i don't care if i don't understand the lyrics! When i really like a song i just look for the lyrics on the internet !

@ bretney: i looooove CSS 🙂 they sing in portuguese but also in english !

I like to listen to Indipop and Hindipop, and of course music from USA

@ bretney: i looooove CSS 🙂 they sing in portuguese but also in english !
yeaaah 😃 cansei de ser sexy ;D

Everything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung 😉
that's why I like Spanish music ;D

I listen to some opera and can barely understand wat their on about so yea

I always listen Korean Songs 😃

Mei Mei

I listen to songs which I don't even understand a word only when I'm studying, cause I always sing with the music lol
that's such a distraction!! B-)