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Does anyone of you watch this series?

Do you like it?
When do you like most?

I love riverdale ! 😱 the second season is so beautiful 😍😍

I love Riverdale, but first season is better

I've watched Riverdale and I really liked the first season! I haven't started watching the second season as yet, though.

I love Riverdale but I didn't watch the last season yet

Riverdale is such a good tv series but i don't like the second season

I love Riverdale! I mean, I don't consider it is one of my favorite shows, but it is quite entertaining! So far, I think I enjoyed more the first season, but I've got my hopes on the second one as well, I'm sure it'll get better 😃 (although I watched until the christmas break, I haven't watched the January episodes)

With each series, it becomes all the more interesting

Riverdale is my favourite serial❤
I watched all series ad waiting for a 21..
"Waiting" mode on😸

I love Riverdale😍 just ended season 2 and it was amazing! If anyone wants to talk about this amazing TV show, go ahead and send me a message!

I love Riverdale.
Can't wait for the 3rd Season.😍💕

I absolutely LOVE Riverdale! I thought season 2 would be a little bit more boring than the first season, but luckily it wasn't. I really would like to know in season 3, I just can't wait to see it!

My brother love it...but I don´t have seen it...

I love Riverdale!

My brother love it...but I don´t have seen it...
So you should try. I think you won't regret it, it's so cool !

I love Riverdale, my favorite ship is Choni .

first season is my favourite...but that's only because a friend of mine spoilered me the second one...i've hated her so much!!!

It's my favorite show. We with the sister already waiting for 3 season.