Favourite tv series? Films, music, TV

My favourite are:
- Game of Thrones
- Once uppun a time
- Teen wolf

-Games Of Thrones

-Game of Thrones
-Devious Maids

-Game of Thrones
-all Dc series
-Gilmore Girls

-once upon a time (are you fan too, send a message)

- The 100
- American Gods

Don't watch series ;-;

~Doctor Who
~Mr Robot
~Stranger Things
~Bojack Horseman
~Black Mirror
~How I met your mother
~Rick and Morty lmao
I'm sure I'm missing something but yeah

One Tree Hill
Big Bang Theory
Death Note

how to get away with a murder
black mirror
teen wolf...

Pretty little liars
Gossip girl
Shadowhunters 🙂

Stranger things and the walking dead

--> Game Of Thrones
--> Psycho pass
--> Charlotte
--> Clannad & Clannad After Story
--> Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete

- Shameless
- Shadowhunters
- Penny Dreadful
- Skam
- Skins
- American Horror Story
- The 100
- ZNation
- Stranger Things

13 reasons why

Game of thrones
Rick and Morty
The Vikings
Mr Robot

- the walking dead
- supernatural
- lucifer
- psych
- bob's burgers
- gravity falls

Here some answers:
The vampire diares
Grey's Anatomy
Games of Thrones
Teen wolf
and so on but there are my top 5.