did u like twilight, i, personaly, didn't, thats just me? tell u what u think(i dont want any1 all like "HOW CAN U NOT LIKE TWILIGHT ITS THE BEST MOVIE EVER, UR CRAZY)

i though it was ok but i dnt think christen stewart is a good actress but i love rob pattinson!!

Didn't read it!
Folks forcing to read it though....lol

i reckon i won't

How's it anyways??..

About the picture...didn't see it either 🙁

Twilight is ok...i have seen better and read better. Im not one of those freaky obsessed girls i just like to read.

I didn't want to see the film at first, but my friends were crazy, and they almost forced me to watch it. I don't think I will read the books...
As I expected something really bad, I wasn't disappointed, but it is not a good movie.
But I have to confess that I loved watching that love story between the too... Shame on me ! 😁
But... the music is very good :






I don't like twilight, it's so boring and stupid --', all along the book and the film it's "Oh my god Edward you're so handsome, so mysterious, i love you sSoooooooooo" : it's devoid of interest... isn't it ?

im addicted to twilight

i really like it

I'm addicted to Twilight =)

I read this book and saw this movie......It's unsurpassed..
But book more interesting....In November the world premiere of second part....And I read second book.....Edward leave Bella. Then turn out that Bella is pregnant 😁😁

i liked the first book... that's it though... and i'm not obsessed like the other girlies in this part of the world... >.< and the 2nd movie comes out on my sweet sixteen...

I hate it. it makes lots of vampire-wannabe-teenagers.

I've known Twilight, there is long time ago. Before the movie. I'm a twilight fan but not crazy about Rob' or Taylor like a lot of girls ... But the actors play the characters very well.
I just like the tension of this love story, and every single books of the saga are differents and amazing.

I read all books and watched a film. I liked it, but I'm not addicted to them.

The books were way better...

Twilight(movie) i think (on my mind) it's a movie that you can watch when you are really bored...Because in France before that it appears in cinema..it was the madness lol...And I was very disappointed for this movie..But i understand people who like twilight (in twilight i like just the romance lol)

I don't want to read the books.. I saw the movie and it was boring.. and I don't like Robert P. I think he was beautiful just when he was a child. xD

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the film was bad but the book was good =))