What Is Your Favorite Movies, and Why? Films, music, TV

My personal favorite movies are;

- Hannibal Rising
- Batman The Dark Knight
- Twilight
- The Shining
- Van Helsing
- Blair Witch Project
- Blade
- Underworld: Evolution
- Interview With The Vampire

Mostly I like the movies, because there are vampires in them. Some of those movies.
And then I like phsyco movies too, like hannibal and those. I enjoy watching them, and I like to watch movies mostly of my time.
And I don't really know how to explain my fav. movies, just that I like horror, thriller, some kind of love stories, and paranormal things. 😛
I hope you tell me some of your fav. movies, and do you like some of those movies I writed.. 🙂

twilight +1


my favourite film is Dracula, filmed in 1931...
if you like vampire film... I think that it is the best film of its kind ...

My favorite movie ever is Van elsing. 😃

my favorite movie is las vegas parano and american history x

It would be hard for me to point out all of my favorites, but two that come to mind are Idiocracy and Dr. Strangelove. Idiocracy is amusing in a face value way, though touches on some deep satirical elements in society that are very funny. Dr. Strangelove is equally as funny but more political and definitely more of a dry humor as it mocks the absurdity of leadership during the Cold War.

Stand by me

I like this on because well its got cute guys in it plus its one of them old time movies with greasers.
Its all about 4 guys going to see a dead body....I just love that movie. :tongue:

Well I like to many of them ;DDd
I just can't pick one 🙂 I love allmost all of genres 🙂
Recently me and my friends watched the class. An estonian movie. I think it's shiocking and it's great.
You should really see it if you're tired of blockbusters🙂
And I really liked Twilight and Van Helsing from your list 😉

My favourite music groups are Linkin Park, Muse,Nickelback))))))))

My favourite movie is..... The Hangover !!

It is soooooooooo funny 😛

Mmmh, I love many films, but I prefer fantasy movies, especially with vampires. By examples: the three Underworld, Van Helsing, Interview with A Vampire, The three Blade.. And many more 😁

Caberet!! the best musical ever filmed!! and i loove horror, drama, adult comedy, and dark comedy. other than caberet my fav movies are Rocky Horror, Nosferatu, Dracula (with my Bela Lugosi and the remake in '92 with Gary Oldman), Frankenstein, and anything with Elvira!

- Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain
- All movies by Tim Burton (espiacelly Big Fish)
-Interview with a vampire
-Twilight, I'm a fan of the saga 😁)
-Little Miss Sunshine
-Hard Candy
-Into the Wild
-Sin City

my favourit movie is operation wallküre-das stauffenberg attentat because this movie shows that not all german people were nazis

Also a big fan of vampire movies over here<3.
I really love The Lost Boys too. Eighties movies and vampires are two of my favourite things.
Also musicals (:. I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago and Sweeney Todd.
Repo! The Genetic Opera is also a big favourite. Music, blood and Anthony Stewart Head.

Twilight....but I like books more
Harry Potter........I am a big fan!!

I love Corpse Bride and Chocolat. Have you ever heard about them? ;]
Also fantasty and comedies ;p

I liked the recent one Public enemies, Ice Age and the ones similar , National Treasure 1&2 , I usually like action - themed movies or comedies .I dont like horror ones. I have a lot of movies I like .The movies I like are usually with known actors: Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Deep , Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphie ,etc 😃