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Hi guys...who do you reccomend me a good movie to watch in streaming?
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hello ! 🙂
That depends of what kind of movies you like
Well, my favorite movie is "the devil wears prada" with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. It's a comedy
Bye ! 🙂

Drama: for colored girls
Horror: The rite
Biography: Lincoln
Comedie: sex in the city

Life of Pi, or War Horse 🙂 They are great movies.

way back home is a very good one ( drama )
Mardigras: Spring break is a funny one,but i dont know ifu gonna like it (; ( comedy )
Cassadaga & grave encounters & "the new one is coming out this month" Mama ( horror )

Good luck with watching it (:

You can watch "8 miles"! It's about Eminem's beginning of his rapper carrier

The Crow, Into the wild, City Of Angels, The Shining, Young Frankenstein, Freddy VS Jason, Corpse Bride

Well, I've just seen Tombstone and I loved it. Val Kilmer was amazing. I suggest you visit this site http://www.whatmovieshouldiwatchtonight.com/ and find yourself a movie. That's how I found Tombstone. The navigation is at the left and you can skip trailers by just klikicking at the screen.

But other great movies, anyone would like:

Man who knew too little
Forgetting Sarah Marshal
The Next Three Days

"Sherlock" filmed by BBC! It's a serial tv opera and each film lasts for 90 minutes(so I guess you may take it as movies 😛 )
Btw, I just watched Star Trek Into Darkness several days ago and it was great 😃 hehe

Boy A 🙂

"Tres metros sobre el cielo"
Spanish film
sad but I liked🙂

well that depands what kind of genre you like
these are my favorite movies:

Comedy: Stan Helsing, Dude Where's My Car, Scary Movie, What happens in Vegas
cry movies: titanic, marley and me,
horror/thriller: House of Wax, the Crazies, Scream and the blairwitch project
romantic movies: Grease, Hairspray

My favorite film is 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' also loved the book, so go and watch that, mates!

D87 D87

I love Christopher Nolan's "Batman"-trilogy, BBC's version of "Sherlock" or sport movies based on real events ("Glory Road", "Invictus", ...) - hope this can help you 🙂

Home Alone 1 and 2!!!!!

War Horse and Midnight in Paris are good movies, as well as BBC's Sherlock Holmes.


Great movies are "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis", i've watched it in english cos my français is only at basic lvl.
And "Intouchables" is adorable movie. Both movies will make you feel good 🙂

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