Otaku(cosplayers) 日本語

hi hi..😁 ok i knw most of you ppl might know wat an Otaku is...correct..? im an otaku myself meaning i love to read mangas and watch anime. But i'm also a cosplayer i love to dress up as my favourite anime characters from a manga or simply an anime i watch..^-^ and i would like to know how it feels to be an "Otaku" and also for other fellow cosplayers out there...~^.^ me, i would say its hard work but fun..😁 what do u guyz think..? Ja mata ne..~!!!😁 :walkman :scooter :shuriken

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Hello loli. I'm a otaku myself, even if i don't cosplay (in france we tend to use this word for a manga fan, not only for cosplayers), so i'm not sure i can answer your question. I'd like to cosplay but i'm not good at sewing, not to mention i do not have the body nor the confidence for that. Cosplay has became in france an important part of every convention on japan and manga. We must wait a long time for having a chance to see every cosplay show. Last year Japan expo (the most important french convention) was the worst because Clamp was there, there even was a cosplay with characters from their manga only. I don't know what else to tell you
see ya.

lits actually alright even if u dnt hve the body..😁 i kinda get the wrst for me bcuz boyz here at my skool would say im the onky one that can fit in a Maid cosplay very well..T^T i get knda scared wen they say that...but as long as u have fun i think thats all that really matters..😁

in taiwan, the word "otaku" doesn't stand for cosplayer : D
i am a otaku, meaning i love manga.
BTW, i am also a coser.

i love square enix productions and manga, too *w* few time ago i was more otaku than now but love for japan didn't change at all *w*
i did some cosplay too, for example Matsumoto from Bleach, Tifa from FFVII and i have the coat of the Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts even if I never did a character of those 13 (and a friend of mine told me to do even Dorotea from Ludwig but i never red this manga, so i didn't do it even if i buy the blue wig)
my room is still a final fantasy/kingdom hearts temple XD with action figures, posters and so on XP
square enix is in my blood XD XD

I was costume-player until my highschool enterance, but I still love costume-play^.^
(if you wanna see my photos, comment me!)


COSTUMEPLAYER and OTAKU are DIFFERENT. plz distinguish them...
i love playing with 'costumes', but it dosen't mean i luv manga or animation.

in korea, "otaku" have bad mean T.T

I was cos-player ago 2 years.
costume player is only dress a character of anime
but otaku is love anime, or manga

waaai! x3 its been awhile since i last posted here! but anyways, what's new? what's the latest in the world of Otakus and Cosplayers? im very siked to hear from everyone! oh and if anyone has a tumblr follow me --> @ lolitahime16.tumblr.com! im sure some of my post might interest you. ja matta ne mina-san~! x3

Otaku doesn't just mean cosplay, it means loving anime and manga~ I'm an otaku! xD
I love going to anime conventions, but I've never done any successful cosplay...T^T
But I plan on cosplaying Greece from Hetalia! :]

yes, yes,i know. i just dont' know how to change the title. help please? =)

It's so cool to meet other cosplayers! I only know of 2 cosplayers at my school so its cool to meet others who like to cosplay like i do! lol1

I never make and wear cosplay, but I want make it. (^w^) And I think - I be an otaku. Yea, I know, in Asia otaku has got a bad mean, but in Europe and America we use "otaku" like "a fan of manga, anime and Japan". (^w^)