Where is it ? Games

Okay I'm starting a new game.

The rules are very simple. I will start by uploading a picture and you will have to guess where the content of the picture is from (which country) having as clue only the continent.

If needed, some clues will be given over the time.
1.[b]ONLY[/b] the guesser has the right to upload a new pic in order to start a new game.
2.[b]If[/b] he/she doesn't post anything after couple of hours, then [b]anyone[/b] is welcome to restart the game.
3.If 2 or more players answer correctly, the first one who guessed the [b]country[/b] has the right to post, no matter how many details did the other guess.

Other rules:

4.Don't put too small pictures but also avoid the excessively big ones.
5.Please avoid pictures that contain any kind of watermark on them (artificially added writing)
6.If you don't know how to put a pic, just copy the link and put it [img][b]here[/b][/img] ..if you still don't understand go here [url]http://www.penpal-gate.net/Forums/help.php#img[/url]
7.Make sure you the link is clueless. Don't add pics with links like www.[b]GREECE_BEACH[/b].com and then expect us to guess where it is from.
8.If someone posts a double answer (or posts twice) between the clues, only the first answer counts.

[b]Tip[/b]: When to give clues (hints) ?

Clue #1: When you upload the first picture (Continent-only)
Clue #2: No sooner than 3 people giving wrong answers.
Clue #3: No sooner than another 2 people gave wrong answers.
Clue #4: After a person posted after Clue #3.

So, I will start


Clue #1: Located in [b]Asia[/b]

Good Luck !

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Seoul, South Korea ?

No. xD

North Korea ? xD

Omg no.

Japan ?

China ?

no and .. no xD

Clue #2 : It's bordered by less than 5 countries.

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Indonesia ?

Yyy Rumunia? xDD

Nope and omg Romania is not in Asia.

Clue #3: Is bordered by the Caspian Sea.

Kazakhstan ?


Last Chanceeeee..

Clue #4 : Karakum Desert covers 80% of this [i]awesome[/i] country 😃



Good ! ^_^ - Ashgabat Olympic stadium , Turkmenistan

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Clue #1: Located in Africa!

Easy... or not

hm.. Senegal? 😃

🙁 correct