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I play sims 3 and i'd love to talk with other people who also play the sims 3 about the game, so anyone?

Me :3

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me too 🙂 I like to make buildings 🙂

I like it too i just noticed. I just hate doing the furniture 😛

I like it so much. I also played sims 1 and the sims 2. but the sims 3 is the best! I love the effects and whatsoever. I like make buildings too. Sometimes I think I'm a really good architect 😃D

I hope the sims 4 lives up to its expectations altough i dont have any. the problem i have with building houses is that i dont have enough money to do all the furniture and i dont want to use a money cheat. And my game gets stuck every time without being saved to i have to start all over again

Ctrl + shift + C
Motherlode < 50.000
kaching < 1.000
freeRealEstate - Buy a house for free

haha 😛 I also think that sometimes 🙂 I like to make the garden 😛

I was playing in the sims 4, but i really miss to the sims 3 and in few days I play in this part and I so happy. It's better than four

sims free play

yeah awesome game

Sims 3 cool no Sims 4 max Cool

Hey guys, what about Sims more?))

I am a big fan of the Sims. I enjoy them all, but lately I've been playing The Sims 4 the most. Creating Sims is so relaxing and awesome when you're feeling inspired 🙂