World of warcraft Games

how many people on here play WoW? Post what server, character name, and if you are horde or aliance

I play on dalarn and im horde. My character name is vascrypt

My brother play WOW.
But he was become a nolife.
Me, I d'on't like WOW very much. For me, it's very boring. In vidéos games, I prefer Assassin Creed but it's not the same thing.

On Bronzebeard: Orc Hunter (lvl 21)
On Thunderhorn: Draenei Priest (lvl 65)

Grim Batol:
Horde - 80 pala, Eingana
Horde - 74 druid, Ivythorn
Horde - 69 Priest, Berni

wow gotta be forbidden for humanity's surviving 😃

Wow is bad.. really ! I was a no life and now I stop it.....

Joke, Mintor on Kirin Tor (fr) drood

Oh! Wow! I'm agree with eko, it's bad!!

But I play: Tauren warrior spé arm lvl 80 stuff pvp and bad stuff for tank...

But now, I take a break. Maybe soon I will take again. With the next update 😛

i never played wow and i'm happy about it but i'm look forward for aion i think it's a new star at the mmorp sky 😃 i played the beta it was great

Oh yes, I heard about aion, korean mmorpg's... They are good for these games. But I prefere wait next KOTOR <3

Get a life.

thx for your comment remus

I have never played WoW but my friends are playing , i'm not interested :/ I'm playing Warrock maybe you heard this game , online FPS , does anyone play ?

Never heard this game... I wait Aion...

here is korea
i love wow but i stoped it
korea has many great game. korea is poweful IT nation.
aion lineage ETC.. AION is top of game in korea but i hate Aion
aion make real money market . many people exchange real money with game money..
Alliance side
Human thief (lv80)
Human holy knight (lv80)
noum knight (lv80)

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It's true, korea is good nation for MMORPG... I believe aion and lineage, but you have Silkroad, a very good game... But marketing 😁

Silkroad is not popular ... korea game rank no.1 aion
1. aion 2. sudden attack 3. wow 4. lineage 5. llinege 2 6. dungeon & fight

Silkroad is not in top10 rank

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oh?! It was a good game 🙁

and in france, Aion is in Beta Test... :/