Let's pray some good lucks for Japan! Anything and everything

These days, many places in japan has damaged by Richter magnitude 9 earthquake and the tsunami damage like "Day After Tomorrow " as the movie, but because "Fukushima"nuclear explosion caused by radioactive contamination generator ......
Anyway, what we can do now is wish they all be fine and safe.

i pray with u 🙂

To All the Japanese people here : Don't learn anything from the European/American culture!..Europeans and Americans have much to learn from your strenght.

Nihon~ Gambate! We are praying for you! ;~;

Pray for you,Japanese friends!

The first thing I had news of the earthquake was to make sure my Japanese pen pals were all right, fortunately they are all right.

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i pray for you too.

I pray too! Japan is Korea's rival.
I wish Japan recover soon and competition again with Korea!
Cheer up Japan!

I wish a lot of courage to people of Japan. I'm all heart with them. Fighting!