How do you say "hello", "goodbye", "thank you" in your language? Anything and everything

So, how do you say those things in your language? 🙂 The more answers, the better! So, please, do answer for your native country 😃

Here is answers in Finnish - my native language... 😃

Hello= "Hei" (most common way to say hello) or "Moi" (we young people use this) or "Moikka" (also used by the youth) or "Tervehdys" (quite proper way to say hello)

Goodbye= "Moikka" (we youth use this) or "Heippa" (we youth use this) or "Näkemiin" (proper way to say it) or "Hyvästi" (you say this when you're not gonna see each other for a long time, it's quite final way to say goodbye)

Thank you= "Kiitos" (most common way to say it) or "Kiitti" (we youth use this)

After my language Polish;

Good morning -Dzień dobry
Hi- Cześć
Goodbye- Do widzenia, Nara, Do zobaczenia
Whats up- Siema
Thank you- Dziękuje


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In Dutch?? it is:

Hello -> Hallo
Goodbye -> tot nog eens..
Thank you -> Dank je / dank je wel
Good morning -> goede morgen

In french it's :

hello : salut
good morning : bonjour
thank you: merci
Goodbye: bonsoir

In Arabic, it is:
Hello »»»»» مرحبا (Marhaben)
Thank you »»»»» شكرا (Shoukran)
Good bye »»»»» إلى اللقاء (Ila allika)
»»»»» مع السلامة (Ma assalama)
»»»»» وداعا (wada'an)

In Filipino, it's

Hello: Hi ( the english "Hi") 😆
Thank you: Maraming Salamat
Good bye: Paalam

hello: Vannakam in tamil
hello: aayubovan in sinhala
thankyou: nandri in tamil
thankyou: booma istuthi in sinhala.

Hello; Hallo or goedendag (a more formal way)
Goodbye: doei or tot weer ziens (again formal
Thankyou: dank je wel

Hello= "Hallo" or "Guten Tag" (alternative: "Guten Morgen" = "Good morning", "Guten Abend" = "Good evening")
Goodbye= "Tschüss" or "Auf wiedersehen!"
Thank you= "danke", "danke schön", "danke sehr", "vielen Dank!"


Hi- Привет (privet)
Goodbye- До свидания (Do svidania)
Thanks- Спасибо (Spasibo)

Goodbye-До побачення/здоровенькі були(do pobachenya/zdorovenki buli)

in french, it's more
good bye = au revoir
good evening = bonsoir

In italian you have:

hello : ciao
good morning : buon giorno
thank you: grazie
Goodbye: arrivederci


In spanish:
hello>hola goodbye>adios
see you> hasta luego thank you> gracias

In dutch:
hello: Hoi, Hallo, Hee
Goodbye: Doei, Dag
Thank you: Danku, dankjewel, dankuwel, bedankt
Good morning: goedemorgen

hello:你好(ni hao)
goodbye:再见(zai jian)
thank you:谢谢你(xie xie ni)

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however, the Italian for
hello: ciao
goodbye: arrivederci
Thank you: grazie
please: per piacere
you're welcome: prego
sorry: scusa