Do you believe in love at first sight? Anything and everything


no i think the first sight is just important for deciding to speak with someone or not

well to me an order to be in love you have to be attracted to something about that person so in someway yes 001_tt1

yes (:

I think that you can like and be fascinated by a person at first sight, but you need more time to fall in love!

i think it may happen but that it is really rare.
It is already hard to fall in love with someone.

YES and I experienced it <3

yes (:

Yes.Love is easy to fall but hard to forget

yes thats the truth

i'm also strugling after falling in it. 001_tt1
and also it's cute.Cool.

yes although l never experienced it 😃

Yes 🙂

absolutely not. sorry, but i don't. Because you can't know others personality from first sight, only what does her/him look like. You can have a crush on a first sight, but love... it takes more time than that. to fall in love you have to know other's personality, that's what I believe. And whily you don't see anothers personately at first sight, you can't fall in love at the first sight.
I know these things "have happened", but what I think is that they're just lucky coincidence that the person you had crush on right from the first sight happens to have that kind of personality that you would fall in love.
i hope someone understans what i'm trying to say.. >.<

and this is just my opinnion

yes (:

mmm....No, I do not believe (

No, at first sight there can be only a love.
The true love can't be at first sight because, to fall in love really, it is necessary to learn the person better.

I belieave ^0^
but it have never happened on me