Music Anything and everything

What kind of music are you into?Favorite bands? 001_smile

I like alot of music, almost any type, except rap. What about you?

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I'm into Aly&AJ

I listen to, like, anything, although I prefer things I can dance to. I don't dance well, but I love to dance nonetheless! 😁 Techno/electronica/trance songs are usually in my top songs, though.

I love to dance... As long as nobody is looking. I'm a horrible dancer...... lol.

I love music! My favorite type is japanese pop. I don't really understand what they are saying most of the times though. haha
anyways, my fave group is NEWS from Johnny's Entertainment. biggrin

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PSH. Ally&Aj + MileyCyrus|hannah Montana are shit "please be smilie here" D;
No Offence!

J-Rock is Teh BEST~~~!

I love classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep, etc.

is anyone listen to any metal,rock,screamo,thrasher,? clover punk

anything and everything...

I love Mindless Self Indulgence (a lot!) and lots of J-Pop~

I listen to Jpop, Kpop, and Jrock, Brit Rock, and others.

I love Slam music, electro, rap, reggae, tecktonik and others 🙂

I love all kind of rock music 😃 😃 (but Elvis...) haha

I like
pop-punk ,rock ,alternative
that kind of stuff =)

i like rap, r&b, some rock, christian rock, pop, country.... and don't dis my taste cause its only my opinion... i love the jonas brothers, aly and aj are cool, jesse maccartney rocks... and lillix is totally cool

I always say I like almost all kind of music. walkman But thinking hard I like Metal, punk, rock and something of Latin pop and old music.

rock, alternative, indie, electro
basically everything cept Rap
not a big fan.