The Secret of Life- especially for Teenagers Anything and everything

Hello 🙂

Well, This is kinda short movie that I wanted to share withe everyone here.I came across it yesterday and after I watched I just thought ''Yes,this all make sense,that is the secret of our life''. And then I just wanted to share it with everyone who I know or dont know.It's not that long,maybe just 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it to shape your life in better way 🙂

(Different language options are available and you can either download or watch online,up to you 🙂









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"It is very clear that the purpose behind the creation of man, a being who possesses reason, conscience and common sense, is not to acquire temporary benefits in the short life of this world. Man is tested by God, his only Lord and this is the greatest reality of his life. This film aims to remind you this fact, that the life of this world is merely a temporary testing place, in which people are tried before they reach the infinite hereafter… "

let's be serious