Have you ever met in real life penpals you had met on the Internet? Anything and everything

I've seen a bunch of them.
But, they weren't actually my penpal friends, not in all over the world, I didn't even know few of them. One of them was my penpal and is still. But this was an internetforum meeting, when bunch of people from the same forum (this time Risingshadow, a forum for Finnish fantasy and scifireaders, like me.) go to some city and meet.
I was thirteen. There were over 20 people. I knew only one of them well. It was pretty scary at first (I didn't tell my mum! xD) but then it was wonderful. Now I've been over ten meetings, thought all of them was from the same forum.

Thought I'd love to meet my penpals. As long as
A) They don't come over to my house (brrrh!)
😎 I've known them (sended mesages to them) over a year
C) They are the people they have told me they are (some people lie).

*shrug* Besides, my penpals live too far away from me. Even if did go to some country they live, there would be only a little chance to see them (if it wasn't arranged).

devil Way, I have also, talked with and met up with many friends all over the world.
I travel a lot, I am an international English teacher and I get invited to stay with friends all the time all over the world.
Yes you have to be careful, but hey if yuo don't take the risk you will never know and you wil always say "I wonder if"and I can honestly say I never want to say that so YEH I LOVE TO TRAVEL AND I LOVETO MEET NEW PEOPLE My kids are great, i.e. students, and them i get to meet their parents and from there I meet other people so GO FOR IT but BE WATCHFUL! angel

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Hi friends,

I have more then 50 Net Friends, But I never met them. But I often keep a touch. I like that touch and communication.

Just we want share our daily life, That makes happy.

I just want point out here, I have a Net Friend, she is from Pillipine, I call her aunt. She is 65 years old. We always chat evening in the skype , I never stayed without her chat...Because I like her and She likes me...

But I will meet her a day ...that will be a surprise gift for her.....

have a nice day friends

no I havent met any of my pen pals because I still dont have any..... sad!!!!but its because I'm new in this page so pleaaaaaaaase people i dont care from where you come from or gender or whatever talk to me now!!!! smile

i guess this is the most rewarding part of all!

There is always something so gratifying when it becomes personnal.

Yeah, I have a penpal from Kansas. We've chatted for over 2 years.

one from pakistan
I WISH to meet my new friends and I will someday soon
my first plan (my friends in Korea) thumbup1