Girls Are Evil Anything and everything

That's right. I said it. 😃

It just struck me earlier, nearly EVERY guy has had an evil girlfriend, mother-in-law or etc..

So let's see who has the best evil girl story.

Maybe it was just a girl you have dated, like a date gone horribly wrong?

Maybe it was just some girl that ran over your dog with her car and drove away like nothing happened?

So post it up guys! Let's hear your evil women stories! thumbup2

You got that right dude...

interesting topic! 😃

I want to see Boy = evil version too.

all girls aren't evils ! lol

maybe some girls are evils ....
but other girls are wonderful 😁

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my friend said that once she was cutting up some paper, and decided to cut off the ponytail of a mean girl who was standing nearby, because she felt like it...............--"

yes they are evil and they are pretty beautiful cute :clap 001_tt1

Well once I was on a camp full of strangers, and I saw some girls spraying graffiti on a huge plywood screen. I thought I should join in and started talking to them, and they looked at me as if I were totally nuts. After that, they started to accuse me for being non-christian and a hater of god, and they just took it out of nothing! (Did I do something wrong...?) They were hardcore catholics, absolutely nothing wrong with that, but they really attacked me!

Girls can be beautiful. But they can also be hardcore catholics with spray cans, white dyed hair and smiles that makes you wanna run far, far away. :devil

Evil? Hahaha

Most girls are bitches.
Thats why I hang out with mostly guys. Lol
I have about 3 friends that are girls that I actually really like. Lls

Oh and I've had my moments of being "evil" if you want to call it that. (:
But I'm really nice too. Hahahaa

I totally agree with Alexandra. (:

Girls are lovely.
My first girlfriend, when I was around 14 I think, destroyed me though.
Learned alot from it though (: .