Do you dream when you sleep? Anything and everything

Do you dream when you sleep?
and what was your last dream (:

I do sometimes.
I normally don't remember them though.

I had a dream the other day about a dance but it was a ball and I had a beautiful dress on, with my hair all done up. 😛

Scientifically speaking, everyone dreams, just not everyone can remember them. Me? My dreams are really vivid and some I can't distinguish from reality.

I dream all the time. Even if it was like fifteen minutes. Once I had a dream that I was in school, so I stayed asleep and when I woke I realized I was home and I was late for school lmaoo(:

i can't remember all of them...or sometimes when the best part comes , my clock wakes me up.

i did dream yesterday 😛 it was absurd.
and i cant remember it (:

I do dream too much.

The more I attempt to remember my dreams, the better I get at remembering them. Alas, recently I've been too busy to pay a lot of attention to my dreams.
Does anyone else sometimes wake up with a feeling that the dream was important, or left you with a feeling of importance? Sometimes I wake up and I can't remember my dream, but I have this residual feeling of invincibility. Those are good days. 😁

And my dad only dreams in black in white. Kinda crazy. I wonder how blind people dream?

Everybody dream's when he's asleep right?
Last night it was something with snakes but I don't remember everything 😛

Once, I had a dream where someone wanted to kill me.

I also dream when I´m sleeping.
Last week, when I was sick, I dreamed that Jean Claude Van Damme wanted to take me to a psychiatry. Isn´t it weird?
Dreams are really weird, sometimes.... .😁

I can hardly ever remember my dreams, but once I dreamt I was a character in a computer game. Dreams are weird like that, aren't they?

Last night I dreamed that I was being put through Chinese water torture. :/

ummmm, yes, i dream. my last dream was about me playing softball, lol.

I daydreamed a lot. 😛 kk
I used to dream very often, but now i seldom dream. I don't know why xD .

Puff, normaly I dream when I go to high school the next day, really. It´s so odd.

From what I've read once -

"The average dream of a person lasts for 3 second " - I cannot believe that.
"Dreamer have a high IQ"

Well, I dream too, not a lot though 😃

i often dream but i can't remember it 😛