Well,First of all I have to say that,Its neither a formula nor a philosophic thought. Because I am not writing this according to my own thoughts or from someone's life style.

You know,every one surely wants to be happy...And we all look for happiness in different sides of life.

For those who just wants to get everything that they want,,Money is like all they wish for.
For those who just wants to love,or to be loved,Life is all about dating,having girl&boy friends.
For those who are addicted with dreams such as becoming succesful,working 7/24 is all that matters
For those who just wants to waste time ,Games which doesnt have any benefits are all about joy
For those who wants to gain reputation,trying to be cool is just important in their lives...

But none of this can bring us,eternal happiness,Do you really think It can? Its just materialism.The happiness It brings is just temporary...

I never seen someone all time living in happiness and peace who is a billioner..
I never seen a celebrity who is rejoicing all time
I never seen a businessman in peace or rest
I never seen a game player spending time in front of tv most of time,and feeling good
I never seen a girl or boy just happy with partner,all time without any argue.Mostly they break up,go throught depression,you know...

Have you seen anyone?

Well,It might sound a bit religious to you,however I really dont like calling it religious,I hope no one will call it that way...

For us,Human being,,,We just dont know where to look for good,Because our environment can lead us a bad way,or things we see on tv or that satisfy our body for a while can lead us a bad way...But when we look for it in believing in good things,Such as God and his words,his messengers,It brings happiness.

Whether you believe or not,Its more than beliving in something.Everyone around might have their own thought for some questions that we ask ourselves everyday '' Why we are here,What is our purpose ''or maybe mostly we are too busy to question things around.And we just go through a stressful,depressive live,than we think there is no way out...But there is...

Our souls need peace and rest,
Our souls need us to do good deeds,such as helping a weak animal,or helping someone and seeing a smile on their face
Our souls need beliving in more than something that doesnt bring a temporary happiness.And Its surely nothing we can see directly,but we can see every moment of his creation.Surely Its our lord,Almight,All Creator... And as long as we keep being close to our Creators words,messenger's sayings and obey with everything written in his words,,,Thats how we can be happy...Becase you know,just think about a scientists and a Robot that he has created...Do you think that simple robot is able to do something unless scientist put a chip in it and install programes.No ? So Its same for us,,Our Creator Allmight knows what is best for us,And sent his book and Prophet to us to believe in...Just then we can find what is best for us.

I hope It might help some of us to think in a different way of life and get a rid of our problems

Peace be with you 🙂