Pen pals :) Anything and everything

Hello everyone !
I’m looking for people who’s interested in being my pen pals that we can send postcards to each other. Hope we can have some chitchat find out some common interest beforehand ~

I personally is interested in learning French, Russian, and Korean cause I’m planning to visit/ work in those places in the future. However I still like to make friends all around the world~ so don’t be shy haha 🙂

Hello! I'm Melanie from Germany and I would love to have a pen pal from China. It is a totally different culture and it would be interesting!

My name is Mathias, I'm Brazilian. I would love to exchange postcards with you if you are interested. I would love to have a friend from china.

Hi, mi nombre es Gabriela deseo tener amigos de todo el mundo que sean respetuosos , amables y educados para ser su guía de amiga en Perú, vivo cerca del aeropuerto y puedo ayudarlos a comer rico y barato 🙂 sin compromisos mucho gusto!

Hi, im Nils from Germany and i would love to be your Penpal if youre Interested. I like Sending letters, Postcards and small Packages.

Hi! My name is Natalia I'm from Poland and I love your country. I want to be your pen pal 🙂

Bonjour! Je m'appele Alejandra je suis mexicaine, je veut un penpal pour practiquer le français, je parle anglais et espagnol aussi. 😊

Hello!My name is Peng Mingfei.I am a Chinese female student.I am.I want to make pen pal from the world.I love aviation, reading,chemistry,geography,biology ,traveling, etc.I want to know more about foreign culture.I love making friends from people around the world,especially people from North America.

If you want to make pen pal with me, you should be a female between 15 and 19. I don't discriminate male, but I don't want to make pen pal with male. I am afraid that if I make pen pal with male, my classmates will gossip. Also, I don't like girls with princess syndrome. I don't care about your human race or religious. But if you have religious, please don't try to peach me.

please email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm an Italian girl and I want to have a penpal. I'd like to improve my English and to write him/her emails. I love making new friends. And I'd like to have a penpal of my age, so between 14 and maybe 20. Write me if you'd like to be my penpal