Searching for nice people :) Anything and everything

Hi! I am a 17 years old girl living in the Netherlands. I would love to get to know people better 🙂 and to just write each other about just everything. Maybe I am a bit old fashioned, but it would be amazing if a pen pal (maybe you 🙂) would write ‘real letters’ just on paper. You can decorate the letters and thats just amazing. My parents did have pen pals like that a whileeee ago! I am a animal lover and would like to become a vet. I have two cats. I also like fashion and things like thrifting. I hope you will contact me 🙂 I prefer nice and handsome boys (okay no appearance is not the most important thing ofc) or nice girls from a age between 16 and 20. Okay byeee

My Name is Pia and I love it to write real letters.
I'm 16 years old and I live in Germany.
You can write me for contact.

Hi, I'm Fleur and I'm 16 years old. I live in The Netherlands as well and I would love to write letters. I love rock music, old movies, taking pictures and art. If you're interested you can message me!

Hi i’m Jesús from China. I’m 20 years old so little elder than you and I hope you don’t mind. Nice to meet you.

Well, I don't know what I should say. Hello?

Hi, im Nils. Im 13 Years old and im from a village near Cologne. I love to write (real) letters and learn about new cultures. I collect foreign money and coins as well. My other hobbies are drawing and learning about different cultures