Saying a secret Anything and everything

Hey, a short answer: 😃

Did you ever say to someone that you love him or her? And if yes, how did you do it, even if you don't know if he or she loves you, too? I mean, do you have any advices? 🙂

Hey, I think I can say something about it.
I thought he treated me like a friend, but I really wanted to be honest. So, I walked him to the bus stop. I waited for him to enter the bus. When the door closed, I said "I like you". He didn't expect it, but he answered that he likes me too.
I think it will be a good idea. You know, to say when the bus door will close. I thought that then there would be an awkward silence if he said I was a friend to him, haha.

I took a deep breath and on my mind was f...k this I’ll say it then I said it haha.. take it inside of you if you feel like saying it then say it, than missing the chance you have as what they say “you missed all the chance you din’t take” it’s high risk high reward I guess say it from the bottom of your heart and just be you And hope it all works out

Ich denke meine Geschichte kennst du ja schon 😉

ja das stimmt 🙂

@yumberry that's a very nice and smart idea 😃

Ever told her about it. Only then also knew that she also liked me ... in the way she reacted and did. So if you feel that you and the other like each other let your heart speak and tell that person. That's what I always do 🙂