Our lives are opportunities,We just should see it in different way ;) Anything and everything

Yes,All of our lives are actually the biggest opportunuties,treasures we have,but We are the ones who makes things worse around,thats because we are not aware of anything valuable we have.

Everyday,We wake up hardly,without any intention,We just wanna sleep a few minutes more,just because We dont wanna go school,or work,or We are tired of doing same things everday.I am sure most people are like these.

Our parents,or spouses put meal in front of us,and we complain ''again this,I am bored of eating it,cook something else''.. :glare

We have homeworks,or chores,and we complain ''again,I dont wanna do anymore of this,I dont wanna go to school'' :glare

We get ill,and say ''God,why you make me ill,You dont love me?'' :glare

We lose our best friend and say ''God,Why u let him/her die,He was so young,he didnt deserve to die,Thats not fair,He/she was a good person'' :glare

We sometimes rebel,because we cant buy everything we want,a new car,or a new dress,maybe we dont have the money for it,or our parents dont give us enough money and we complain about poverty :glare...

I think there are many samples like these... But the thing is we never think what is worse then it..Our eyes are always on top,We always want better,ask for better.We never see the people who are having worse than we have,,In short statement,,We are not aware of values we have...

If we can wake up,with health,thats the greatest opportunity we have,Because that may be the last day we will have,,So just wake up with a smile,and try to live as If thats your last day of life,and do good things,,visit your old relatives you havent seen for a while,help your neighbour,hug your parents,do some charity,,feed a pet walking on your street with hunger 🙂...

However we dont like the meal,thats prepared for us,,We should think about the people in Africa,They would walk miles for the grain of stale bread you dont like...Therefore,just eat it to gain energy without asking for some other 🙂

When we have homework,do it at least to make your parents proud of you,🙂There are people who are supposed to go to school on foot in marshy road for miles,,just in order to learn something

If you get flu and dont like it,go to a hospital,and see the disease what other people have,Handicapped ones,cancer ones.And most time actually Its our fault when we become ill..

When you lost your friend,relative you can obviously understand actually you are sorry for yourself,becaue you dont have her/him anymore,,but maybe he/she will be in a better place,or truth is all living being on earth has a life which is limited,and just God knows when exactly It will end.Plants,animals,and us Humans...

If your parents dont give you money for a new dress,thats for your own good,you can learn how to be much thrift,Because you will also have to afford a family one day,and just think about the homeless people who compile their dresses from garbages.🙂

And a last story I heard....

There is a man who is saying,,I am poor,really poor.I dont have anything,any money..
Then another one saw his rebel,go throguh him and ask ''Would you change your arms with 500.000 dollars?''

The man says ''of course not''

Other one asks again ''Would you change your legs with 500.000 dollars?''

He says ''no'' again,

Other asks again ''Would you change your ears with 500.000 dollars''

He again says ''no''

Then other finally says '' Are you poor?sure about it? See how much values,you have,You are really rich...

SO we just should see everything in different way,and thank God,for all you have,instead complaining aboout the things you dont have,and always look others who are in worse conditions than you..You will see how much blessed you are... 😉

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