Tattoos Anything and everything

Hey people out there! 🙂

Are here some people who are also as addicted to Tattoos as me?

What tattoos do you have? 😃

Have a nice day!


One, but I want to have more.

I have 6 tattoos and i think about my next one 😊.

I dont have any but i would love to have about 3 tattoos

I don't have any but my brother have like 4 or 5.

Sometimes i draw Tattoos, but i have no one...but i want have!

Two but I want more. 🙂

I love it ! And really would love to have a big on my back !

I have 1 tattoo its in arabic writing on my wrest en i want to have another !

Over 30....... so, yes, i’m an addict

I'm addict too. I have 13!!!and it's not finish !!

I have 2. They are music related.

I don't have tattoos. I would like to have one, but so far I didn't have the courage