Favorite Country ! Anything and everything

[i]Hi everyone, what is your favorite country ?
In which contry would like live ?[/i]

See ya .. winkiss

Canada, Ireland and Scotland for My favorite countries

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My favorite country is Algeria but I would like to live in Argentina or in Lebanon.

the one that i rule...

My favourite country is Russia ¤Siberia *_*¤

I love India ... but would like to live in the U.S

My favourite is Japan! I would live in Tokyo! >w

I like China, and then Uk.. 😃

personally I don't have a favorite country 🙂
I just like to go to interesting places around the globe 🙂
New York but was also soo amazing, plus my home country too.

I looooveeee USA and France. 🙂
Mostly because all the wonderful people!

my fav country is GERMANY ! ;D yeah.
and Canada 😉
Norway, Sweden and Finland are beautiful too.
so one of these country ! ;D

I wanna live in france!

My favorite county is U.S.A, Australia.
I would like to live in U.S.A!! ...in New Yourk,,
really want,,

I love Japan and France 😃

England and France

i would like to live in Spain, Argentina or Mexico, basically anywhere they speak Spanish. But i would also like to live in the U.K

I think...Japan because I love Japan!! 😁

I like China...but I would live in France.