Dreams Anything and everything

What are your dreams? What would you really like to accomplish in life?

I want to end informatics at university. I love computers 😂

I want to be free from all influence

I want to change something. Maybe in politic, mybe just do volunteer work, but I want to help people and make things better.

I want to live an happy life. I also want to do volunteering in order to make things better and to feel useful.

I want to become a theatrical and cinematographic actor!!!

Its all about living.

To delete Mondays from existence.

That the days had 32 hours, 12 to sleep and the rest to daydream. And eat, we can not forget to eat. Delicious food come to me!

i want to go for a long drive, enjoy the whole world

I’d like to have my own coffee shop

I would dream of faraway isles
A beautiful woman clothed by the sea
Carefree days, sundrenched sand, laughter, and copius smiles
And that special someone to share it just with me

I would dream of many things
Everything and anything
What my mind could create
To me, my reality would bring

I would dream of how things are
Then I would dream of how they should be
I would will them into existence
To share with all the world to see

I want to be a billionaire,travel the world ,have my own company and find my soulmate xD

I already fulfilled my dream because I found a good friend

I want to see a lot of different countries in the world