Before your death... Anything and everything

Hi ! How are you ?
I created this topic because I would like to know you better, to "hear" your different opinions, and maybe your different stories.
So, the question is : What are the things that you want to do before your death ? It can be things that seem now impossible to realize, or whatever.
Let go and it doesn't matter if your text is too long !
Thank's for reading my message!
Waiting for your answers 🙂

Zin Zin

I would love to go to space.

I would like to taste Cyanide.

I want to:
• save a live
• climb Mount Everest or Devil's Thumb
• go swimming with sharks
• Wingsuit flying
• write a song
• experience zero gravity
• see the nothern lights
the list is neverending😃

Good question 🙂)
I would like to affect history. I know it sounds kind of megalomaniacal but I don't believe in afterlive. i think this is the only way not to die completely.

I want to find someone who will stand for me and make him/his happy too

find a way to eternal life ? ah wait no... life in few decades seems pretty dark thanks to our ancestors...

then be able to just live, like being able to live on the moment, be thankful to breath and sleep for free, to Love and being happy would be quite a good deal before I die ! And if possible filling the whole challenge of "the Essential" from J.Attali 😃 in order to see the beauty of humankind and nature

I would like to get married. 👰💍

I want to broaden my horizons. Discover new places and travel a lot.
I want to know who I am. And when I'm happy and satisfied, I know I did something right.
Live every day as if it were your last.

Hmm pretty much actually.
See more of the world.
Learn more to do with paragliding
See the northern lights
And much much more but this is my too so far

I want to stand on top of a mountain alone and then scream as loud as I possibly can.

Try to change the world one more time, because I can't be really happy, realizing there are still people suffering around the globe.

Change the world

Build an unstoppable terminator that activates on my death, Severely pollute the planet beyond help and, put my mind into a robot and travel the universe enslaving all alien races. 😊

Before my death I hope that the Nerv Gear would be invented so I could just enter a big VR world and die inside of it just like Yuuki

Before I die.. I want to be married to my partner, have 2 children, want to see more of the world

I must be growing old, my "big dreams" don't look that important to my eyes anymore. Before I die, I just want to see my baby girl all grown up, able to take care of herself, happy and at peace.

I want to drive Audi RS5