Penpalling Youtube Channel! Anything and everything

Hi everyone!
I have a youtube channel which is all about penpalling and I would love it if you checked it out and gave me some feedback!
Let me know of any other videos that you would like to see!

My channel -

Hello whatever your name is!

I am Suvrojit, 25 from India. I checked out your youtube channel, it was time someone made a channel on this growing phenomena. As you said it happened with me too, I sent letters and few of them didn't acknowledge or sent me anything in return, for which I felt quite disappointed. Many a time I went overboard with gifts and sometimes with writing, for which I got myself burnt. Your channel will provide prevention tips and guidelines, useful for those who are young and new to this.

Thank you!

Thanks Stepahnie for making this vid! I was always dissapointed to "friends", who I just met, when they leave me and neglect me. Your vid showed me that I could let them how they are and that I should making some "true" friends. Please continue making those vids 🙂

Thank you very much for checking out my channel and for your feedback! What other videos would you like to see from me? 🙂