What's your favourite language? Anything and everything

I would love to learn some Italian but it's such a difficult language so I hope I can find some Italian friends on this site 🙂
I don't like my native language, it's Dutch but it sounds so ... difficult to explain but I don't like it very much 😛


Chinese, English and Spanish 🙂

I like the Slavic languages in particular, Russian🙂
I also like English. I hate the German .... It is a difficult and strange: \

I'm learning chinese because I love this language! This is verry different than the other languages that we speak! Of course I also love my native language, the french! 😃 The french is so rich and so beautiful! To be french is a thing that I'm verry proud of! 😛

yeah, chinese is just amazing xDD
and so i'm very proud to be chinese 😛

Yeah you have to be proud! in one year I'll learn chinese with a profesor! ^____^

I'm learning chinese all alone with books, This is very interesting! 😛

that's great 🙂

ha, it's quite difficult to learn chinese by books and no teachers! XD
good job you 😉

I just love all languages. I don't think I have a favorite one.
I'd like to be fluent in as many languages as I'll be able too. Aha. With travelling everywhere, this is my biggest dream. 🙂

Hung.Yen ==> Yes I know xD Anyway in one year I will learn chinese with a teacher. The book that I use is a workbook with lessons and exercices so it's very convenient for me but a teacher is the best way to learn chinese! ^___^

Laura -- [u]I'd like to be fluent in as many languages as I'll be able too. Aha. With travelling everywhere, this is my biggest dream.[/u]
seems like we share the same dream 😛

MagicMushroom -- well... i fail on learning french just by books! lol
so i think you're doing pretty good 😉 🙂

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Hehe Andie, I think it's why we're a getting on well, we share the same dream.
But i think many people here have the same dream... 😉

I love French! Le français est magnifique! In my opinion, it's a very, very, rich language! sound of this language is beautiful and permite to play a lot with words! Words are the biggest playing aera of the world and French permite it! a world without L, as Letter, is a Word!
But i think spanish and too slavian languages are nice! they are really nice to heard!

British English sounds cool with the accent. But I love Punjabi and Hindi (Spoken mainly in India) cowboy

french (:

English, everyone either knows it or wants to, and german.

my mother language,Chinese

Spanish, but I can't talk that. So, Dutch, because I always understand it . [oé, that isn't very good english . i'm sorry :blushing]

I love the Japanese language. =D its just amazing
its the best